Col. James Wilhite, USAR (Ret.)


About the Book


We Answered the Call:  Building the Crown Jewel of Afghanistan

by Col. James Wilhite, USAR (Ret.)

We Answered the Call tells an untold story of success and hope from Operation Enduring Freedom. Wilhite recounts his amazing story, from the shock of an unexpected deployment to the tribulations of life in a war zone. Despite the chaos, Wilhite and his dedicated team of Afghan, American, and NATO colleagues used their diversity, their savy, and their drive to overcome all obstacles and build a symbol of hope for the people of Afghanistan.




Feedback from readers and listeners:

“Your story is a very beautiful story, and it’s a very good documentary film!  Congratulations!  I saw in your website it was also a success in Windermere, FL.  I wish you lots of success as you share this story from town to town.” Arnould Veronique, Tolosan, France.

“When I finished reading ‘We Answered the Call’ I realized that COL James Wilhite’s self deprecating comments were belied by the awards and praise he received and the success of his assigned mission.  That he gave high praise to many others and explained the ‘mission’ so completely let me get a picture of Afghanistan now, and the National Military Academy of Afghanistan!”  James Taylor, Resident, Touchmark Retirement Village, Edmond, OK

“You know that your efforts and those of others who helped get the National Military Academy of Afghanistan off the ground will have the most lasting positive influence of anything we, as a nation, have ever done in that region, bar none.”  Dr. Daniel Ragsdale, former Vice Dean of Education, United States Military Academy, West Point.

“You’ve produced a really interesting history of a classic ‘stabilisation operation’. – the creation of a military academy which will give Afghanistan a truly national officer corps.”  Dr Duncan Anderson, Head Dept of War Studies, The RoyalMilitary Academy Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey, UK.

“Colorful, charismatic, and a 39-year military veteran, now  retired, Jim Wilhite doesn’t appear to be one who places great importance on  being addressed as ‘Colonel Wilhite’. Jim is a plain-speaking Texan/Oklahoman  who focuses on getting results with scant resources, and far less on  formality.” T.A. Arnold, World Affairs Council, Colorado Springs, CO

“You are right to point out how difficult it was, at the time, to initiate a program that is now obvious to most.   Brigadier General Sylvanus Thayer would be proud to have such a protège.”F.L. Hagenbeck, Lieutenant General, US Army, Former Superintendent, United States Military Academy, West Point

“This book accurately portrays the amazing skill and tenacity that Colonel James Wilhite and his small band of colleagues brought to bear on an essential and enduring mission, the establishment of an institution that is vital to the continued self-determination of the Afghan people.  I am honored to have played a very minor role in this success.”  Dr. Derek Hodgson, Former Attache, US Embassy, Kabul, Former President, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“You’re my hero!  Thank you for your dedication to peace!”  Greg Mortenson, Author, “Three Cups of Tea” and “Stones Into Schools.”

“I am proud that the ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’ provided a few much needed laughs to our service people.  Congratulations on the National Military Academy.  What an accomplishment!”   Jeff Foxworthy, Comedian

 “Today’s program was, by far, the best we ever had!” Stan Teter, Travels with Tulsans

“We had Jim speak to us this morning at the National Speakers Association of Oklahoma here in Tulsa, WOW!  He has a powerful story that will make you laugh, cry and reflect.”   Carl Potter, Past President, National Speakers Association of Oklahoma

“After the talk Sunday, I read half of your book and hated to stop reading.  I read the rest today and am impressed with the thoroughness and your ability to work with so many talented, well educated individuals who helped make the academy come about.  It’s really almost a miracle.  Now the world needs to hear the good news and I think it will happen in the months ahead.   I pray that it happens!”    Lillian Boland, Program Coordinator, English Speaking Union

“This story ought to be in a movie!  May all good things come your way.”  (Note:  It has recently been selected for a screen play!) (Documentary Film, “We Answered the Call” will be premiered on November 7, 2015, in at the IMAX Theater, in Branson, MO. Jim Lloyd, Sand Springs, OK.


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For speaking engagements or to receive an autographed copy of “We Answered the Call:…” contact COL Wilhite at or 918-931-0184.  Also check out his events link to see when he will be in an area near you.   Come join him to hear good news that came from Operation Enduring Freedom.